Video installation, collaborative Exquisite Corpse with Adam Hathaway
and Summer Mei Ling Lee, lanterns, and unfixed photograph.
"My video is first in the sequence of three videos created for Into the Nearness of Distance. And, the only video produced in direct response to the original document – Summer Lee’s great-grandmother’s United States of America Certificate of Naturalization. When I saw the certificate, I felt an instant connection to the historicity and metaphorical weight of the document. It was a simple piece of paper, but also a symbol for change, hope, duty, longing, and the passage of time. That powerful moment is both preserved by the document and erased by our inability to fully explain the effect that the shift may have had on her great-grandmother’s life. How long does it take for something new to become the center of who we are? What remnants get lost in the telling of our story over time? And, how long does it take for us to forget altogether how we started in the first place? Through a series of scrolling shots and tracing pans in a collection of ordinary locations, my video depicts the arc or journey of one’s life – distilling this shared journey into brief moments of discovery, uncertainty, sorrow, wonder and beauty – but, mostly portraying time moving ever forward."—Karen Leslie Ficke
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